Getting Started with Sahha

This page will help you get started with Sahha. You'll be up and running in a jiffy!

Step 1) Register Your Account

Tap "Get Started with Sahha" to quickly sign up for an account that your organization can use to access Sahha services.

Get Started with Sahha

Step 2) Access Your API Keys


You will need to access your API Keys in order to start connecting to the Sahha API.

You can find your Client ID and Client Secret inside the Dashboard by going to Developer Tools > API Access.

Step 3) Authenticate Your Account

You will need to authenticate your account to access the Sahha API.

API - Authenticate Account

Use your Client ID and Client Secret from the Dashboard to authenticate your account via the API.

// POST "/oauth/account/token"
  "clientId": "MY_CLIENT_ID",
  "clientSecret": "MY_CLIENT_SECRET"

You will receive an accountToken that allows you to create new user profiles.

// 200 OK
  "accountToken": "MY_ACCOUNT_TOKEN",
  "expiresIn": "86400",
  "tokenType": "Account"

Step 4) Create a User Profile

User profiles represent the users of your app or service. They are unique individuals that you would like to use the Sahha service for.

API - Create Profile

Use your accountToken to create new user profiles.

// POST "/profile"

// 200 OK
  "profileId": "MY_PROFILE_ID"

Step 5) Authenticate a User Profile

You will need to authenticate your users in order to upload data and download an analysis for each individual.

API - Authenticate Profile

Use your accountToken and profileId to authenticate a user profile via the API.

// POST "/oauth/profile/token"
  "profileId": "MY_PROFILE_ID"

You will receive a profileToken that allows that specific user profile to connect to the Sahha API.

// 200 OK
  "profileToken": "MY_PROFILE_TOKEN",
  "expiresIn": "86400",
  "tokenType": "Profile",
  "refreshToken": "MY_REFRESH_TOKEN"


Authenticate a User Profile with the SDK

If you also install the Sahha SDK in your app, you will need to pass the profileToken to the authenticate method.

Profile - Authenticate

Step 6) Build with Sahha

It's time to start building with Sahha!

You can either:

A) Use the API

B) Use the SDK



We recommend sending behavioral data using one of the available SDK's instead of directly via the API. Behavioral data that is uploaded via the API may differ in the structure and frequency typical of the device sensors. This could lead to reduced accuracy in your data analysis results.

Step 7) Try the Sahha Demo App

To see what you can build with Sahha, we recommend trying one of our demo apps.

Try the Demo App

Step 8) Join Sahha on Slack

Sahha hosts an open Slack community for developers. Please join us on Slack to get help from the Sahha team and fellow developers to better integrate Sahha into your project.

Join Sahha on Slack