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Health Insights

Unlock hidden stories of user behavior with Sahha's Insights . Our tool delves into the intricacies of user behavior and physiology, transforming raw data into meaningful narratives and actionable knowledge. Craft unique business strategies and enhance personal experiences with our intelligent insights.

What is an Insight?

An insight, in the context of Sahha Insights, is a specific statistic or value that measures a distinct aspect of a user's behavior or physiology. It's more than just a number—it's an informed understanding derived from analyzing various data points. Each insight offers a glimpse into the user’s lifestyle, health, and habits, providing a foundation for informed decisions and personalized experiences.

Key Features

The primary attributes that make Sahha Insights an essential tool:

Feature Description
Comprehensive Analysis Extensively covers physical behavior, digital engagement, and physiological data for a holistic view of user habits.
Multi-Level Insights Provides insights at both individual and population levels.
Diverse Data Segments Encompasses a wide array of data segments including activity, sleep, digital behavior, and physiological biomarkers.
Actionable Information Transforms complex data into practical, actionable information for both personalization and strategic business decision-making.

Core Types of Insights

The Insights generated by Sahha categorize and process data at different levels:

Individual-Level Insights

  • 1st Order Statistics : These are direct insights extracted from raw data, offering a clear snapshot of daily routines and habits. Examples include daily step count, average sleep duration, maximum screen time, etc.
  • 2nd Order Insights : These insights delve deeper, employing advanced statistical methods to reveal more nuanced aspects of user behavior and health. They include caloric expenditure during activities, intricacies of sleep cycles, sleep debt assessment, etc.
  • Triggers Based on Insights : By setting parameters based on 1st and 2nd order statistics, alerts or notifications can be generated for specific behavioral events, like deviations from typical activity levels or sleep patterns. These triggers are instrumental in promoting proactive health and wellness management.

Population-Level Insights

  • Comparative Analysis : Population level insights place individual data in the context of broader population trends. It helps in understanding how an individual's behavior or health markers compare to population average values, aiding in identifying areas where they stand out – either positively or negatively.
  • Behavioral Outlier Detection : These insights help in spotting unique or extreme behaviors within the user base. This helps in identifying individuals who may need additional attention or customized strategies, whether in health interventions or targeted marketing.
  • Categorical Grouping : By segmenting users into meaningful categories based on their behavior and health data, population-level insights aid in tailored analysis and strategy development. They are particularly useful for businesses in targeting their services or products to the right audience and for healthcare professionals in understanding patient groups.

List of Sahha Insights

Complete list of insights provided by Sahha, categorized by activity and sleep:

Insight Utility
step_count_daily_total Counts daily steps, a fundamental physical activity metric, useful for assessing overall mobility and physical activity levels.
stand_hours_daily_total Tracks the total hours spent standing each day, helping to gauge sedentary vs. active periods and promoting a healthier, less sedentary lifestyle.
stand_hours_daily_goal Provides a daily standing goal, aiding users in tracking and achieving their personalized standing targets for a more active lifestyle.
move_time_daily_total Measures the total time spent moving each day, providing insights into general activity levels and helping to encourage a more active lifestyle.
move_time_daily_goal Provides a daily movement goal, offering a target for users to track and encourage increased physical activity throughout the day.
exercise_time_daily_total Records the total time spent in exercises each day, crucial for tracking fitness routines and ensuring consistent physical activity.
exercise_time_daily_goal Provides a daily exercise time goal, assisting users in setting and achieving their fitness targets and enhancing workout routines.
active_energy_burned_daily_total Estimates calories burned through physical activities, important for tracking fitness progress and managing weight.
active_energy_burned_daily_goal Sets a goal for daily active energy expenditure, which can be leveraged to motivate users to reach specific fitness and health objectives through physical activity.
total_energy_burned_daily_total Calculates total daily caloric burn, combining active and resting phases, important for overall health and weight management.
Insight Utility
time_in_bed_daily_total Measures time spent in bed, differentiating rest from sleep, crucial for understanding sleep patterns and habits.
time_asleep_daily_total Tracks total sleep time per day, assessing sleep quality and highlighting areas for improvement in sleep hygiene.
time_in_rem_sleep_daily_total Monitors REM sleep duration, key for restorative sleep, crucial for cognitive functions and overall mental health.
time_in_light_sleep_daily_total Tracks light sleep duration, indicating initial sleep stages, important for understanding the overall sleep cycle.
time_in_deep_sleep_daily_total Measures deep sleep, crucial for physical and mental restoration, playing a significant role in health and well-being.

How Sahha Insights Empower You

For Businesses

  • Data-Driven Decisions : Enhance customer engagement with tailored strategies.
  • Market Trend Analysis : Stay ahead by understanding evolving user needs.

For Individuals

  • Personalized Wellness Plans : Craft plans based on detailed health and habit insights.
  • Daily Habit Insights : Improve overall well-being through actionable data.